Our Mission

Our Mission

Did it ever occur to you that the most fundamental aspects of life were never taught to you? Who am I? What is my purpose here? What are my “superpowers”? What is it that transcends and ultimately guides my physical experience? Even through decades of schooling with subjects ranging from the quadratic equation to who started WWI…it all seems so trivial now.

The handbook to life was never afforded us. We were given a wealth of information, yet very little knowledge on the wisdoms of our being. Our mental faculties: will, intuition, energy, aura, quantum leaping, and the likes.  These are quite literally the tools you were equipped with to traverse this physical experience in a meaningful and seamless way. Yet, many of us invariably suffer and fail for no reason due to the fact that we were misguided and conditioned.

“Don’t touch that.” “Don’t go there.” “Stop.” “Listen!”

Just a few examples of what was being fed to your subconscious mind throughout your ripe adolescent years as a sponge yearning to fill the spaces of your consciousness. You were bombarded by things you could not do instead of learning about what you could. Your defense mechanism became to obey, imitate, and become complacent. Today, our behaviors and underlying responses are based squarely on what was embedded into the fabric of who we are. We are nothing but imitators of our past, reflections of our upbringing.

A 2009 study asked several thousand people what they’d most endeavor to accomplish. Some said buying their first home, others indicated they’d like to travel more, and an overwhelming majority responded that they’d like to find their purpose.  We believe to have found it, and it’s not as individually based as most believe. It’s fairly all encompassing: your purpose is to self-actualize.

Lack Is An Illusion is your mechanism to life beyond living. An organization of light-workers geared toward clearing out the useless and often counterproductive waste in your subconscious terrain and replacing it with inherently innate wisdom. We have studied and become experts on the lives and works of those who illustrate an understanding that far transcends our physical capabilities in order to reshape our experience into one that expands the God-particle within each of us. Through the use of our universal laws, we will guide you to awaken the limitless nature of you, one that facilitates ease and wealth across all spectrum’s of your life.

You are an extension of God (Source) and with that comes abundance as a birthright. All that is required is a slight shift in perspective to attain peace of mind (one of the crown jewels of our experience), and create the life you desire.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey-

…your awakened path awaits.


Manifestation is the ability of a person being able to create a physical change in his or her existence through the power of focused energy. The source of this energy is the human mind, and the effects have been scientifically proven in the field of Quantum Physics.

Materializing your dreams or destiny then is in your own power. Crops do not spring forth because we need to be fed. Human beings must trade time and physical energy in order for these things to materialize. The same things happen with us on a personal level every day. We wake up, brush our teeth, mouthwash, floss… our mouth do not have a wash and rinse cycle for our teeth. Money does not appear waiting to trade for the next necessity or service. These are all the end results of physical energy focused in the present to produce a desired result in the future.

Energy is our ability to produce change. Thoughts, as created in the mind, are energy. When we concentrate our thoughts, perhaps for a group project – we focus more energy to the task of producing a desired result. So why not produce these results in your own life?

  • Health
  • Love
  • Physical Appearance
  • Self-Confidence
  • Money
  • Abundance
  • Power
  • Spirit

Manifestation is the name given to the process of producing a change in our physical environment through the power of focused mental energy. Manifestation is not accomplished by spending hours in deep mediation, but occurs as a result of retraining our everyday thought processes. The manifested results are not wishful thinking, but scientific fact.

A strong emotion IS THE KEY to manifesting, so you want to be able to feel your most positive emotions most strongly. If you are truly overwhelmed by worry, inhale an exhale in equal breaths, remember a full breath is an inhale and exhale. Take a few easy deep breaths, this is very calming.

Think of the positive outcomes you want and then picture the full details in your minds eye. Imagine being fulfilled, in whatever way, in this moment now, feel how it feels. How would it feel if the physical details were perfect? How would it feel if you knew everything is exactly the way it is perfect for you? Knowing is a very powerful feeling. You just know. No mental arguments start running your mind. You know.

If you cannot imagine a wonderful outcome to something, can you remember one with feelings of joy & excitement? It doesn’t matter where the idea comes from – what matters is that powerful emotions are THE KEY to manifestation.

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