You can find a rehab facility for just about every addiction from alcohol to gambling, but ironically enough, none of them addresses the most debilitating one of all – overthinking. An overactive mind is the main cause behind anxiety, depression, stress and a number of other ailments.


From birth, our conditioning was to learn about anything and everything except how to nurture ourselves. We went to school for a variety of different subjects, yet not a single one was about how to control the mind, love ourselves, and cultivate inner peace. Generation after generation following the same lackluster plan of going about things. But, this is why we’re here – to grasp a fuller understanding of what it means to return to purity, or a more natural state of BEing. The cure is presence (or mindfulness as taught by Buddhism). We must recognize that we are not the voice in our head, but the viewer of the stream of thoughts. That distinction is a gateway to tranquility and peace. And best of all, it is attainable ‘NOW’.

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Manifestation is the ability of a person being able to create a physical change in his or her existence through the power of focused energy. The source of this energy is the human mind, and the effects have been scientifically proven in the field of Quantum Physics.

Materializing your dreams or destiny then is in your own power. Crops do not spring forth because we need to be fed. Human beings must trade time and physical energy in order for these things to materialize. The same things happen with us on a personal level every day. We wake up, brush our teeth, mouthwash, floss… our mouth do not have a wash and rinse cycle for our teeth. Money does not appear waiting to trade for the next necessity or service. These are all the end results of physical energy focused in the present to produce a desired result in the future.

Energy is our ability to produce change. Thoughts, as created in the mind, are energy. When we concentrate our thoughts, perhaps for a group project – we focus more energy to the task of producing a desired result. So why not produce these results in your own life?

  • Health
  • Love
  • Physical Appearance
  • Self-Confidence
  • Money
  • Abundance
  • Power
  • Spirit

Manifestation is the name given to the process of producing a change in our physical environment through the power of focused mental energy. Manifestation is not accomplished by spending hours in deep mediation, but occurs as a result of retraining our everyday thought processes. The manifested results are not wishful thinking, but scientific fact.

A strong emotion IS THE KEY to manifesting, so you want to be able to feel your most positive emotions most strongly. If you are truly overwhelmed by worry, inhale an exhale in equal breaths, remember a full breath is an inhale and exhale. Take a few easy deep breaths, this is very calming.

Think of the positive outcomes you want and then picture the full details in your minds eye. Imagine being fulfilled, in whatever way, in this moment now, feel how it feels. How would it feel if the physical details were perfect? How would it feel if you knew everything is exactly the way it is perfect for you? Knowing is a very powerful feeling. You just know. No mental arguments start running your mind. You know.

If you cannot imagine a wonderful outcome to something, can you remember one with feelings of joy & excitement? It doesn’t matter where the idea comes from – what matters is that powerful emotions are THE KEY to manifestation.

Belief.Faith.Expectancy – “Ask all from yourself.” 🌻❤️

Posted by Lack Is An Illusion on Monday, October 30, 2017