Our Biggest Addiction Is Overthinking

You can find a rehab facility for just about every addiction from alcohol to gambling, but ironically enough, none of them addresses the most debilitating one of all – overthinking. An overactive mind is the main cause behind anxiety, depression, stress and a number of other ailments.


From birth, our conditioning was to learn about anything and everything except how to nurture ourselves. We went to school for a variety of different subjects, yet not a single one was about how to control the mind, love ourselves, and cultivate inner peace. Generation after generation following the same lackluster plan of going about things. But, this is why we’re here – to grasp a fuller understanding of what it means to return to purity, or a more natural state of BEing. The cure is presence (or mindfulness as taught by Buddhism). We must recognize that we are not the voice in our head, but the viewer of the stream of thoughts. That distinction is a gateway to tranquility and peace. And best of all, it is attainable ‘NOW’.

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