Take a look in the mirror & realize it’s always been you.

Self-Realization May 13, 2016 No Comments

Lost in a sea of thoughts, uncertain as to where to turn? Take a conscious breath my love and feel the ecstatic resonance of the entire universe within you. The reflection in which you witness while gazing in the mirror is a reflection of who is in charge of your LIFE. It’s always been you. Acknowledge the majesty that seeks to be recognized, it’s always been you.

In a sea of many – it is you that encompass the vastness of all the oceans combined. It’s always been you YOU. Awaken to the glorification of the masterpiece that you already are. It’s always been you. There isn’t a thing you need to aspire to. Just simply become the awareness and allow the entire world to shine through you – the divine BEING that YOU are. You are full of LIFE & FULL of JOY – bestowed upon you by way of the intelligence of the universe and your own unique consciousness.

Impart your beauty upon the world, for it is innately placed within you, it is YOU to realize and bring forth ALL that YOU are – it’s ALWAYS been YOU.

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