Poverty Is Real, But Lack Is An Illusion

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Poverty is defined as the state of being extremely poor.  Lack is defined as the state of being without or not having enough of something.  Notice that both definitions include “state of being.” The definition of poverty goes on to say it is the state of one who lacks the “socially acceptable” amount of money or possessions.

Poverty is real, but lack is an illusion.  The first step toward overcoming physical poverty or mental poverty is “knowing and believing” there is no lack in the Universe.  There is only abundance.  You must “know” and “believe” that all the abundance of the Universe is available to you.

You will never meet a truly successful man or woman who does not believe he or she deserves success.   You will never meet a rich person who believes they should be poor.  Truly successful, rich, wealthy people KNOW they are surrounded by abundance and that abundance is available to them.  They don’t spend their time feeling unworthy of all the best life has to offer.

Thoughts of poverty, lack, and unworthiness are so detrimental until if a man or woman obtains riches without breaking the poverty mindset, he or she is destined to experience lack again.  For truly, only the fear of lack would cause someone to buy more houses than they can live in, more cars than they can drive, more clothes than they can wear, and have more bathrooms than they will ever use.

We’ve all heard of the Celebrities who were once worth $300 million dollars only to find themselves bankrupt within a decade.  The statistics on lottery winners indicate that most experience lack again within 5 years of winning.  The experience of lack does not occur because abundance disappears.  I guess I could say, abundance is like energy.  It can neither be used up nor destroyed.  Sometimes it is just transformed, but most of the times it’s simply transferred to someone else.

Harboring feelings of unworthiness, operating from a mindset of poverty which believes there is not enough abundance for all of us, causes us to live based upon the illusion of lack.  Therefore when any level of wealth is obtained our illusion of lack will cause us to give away our wealth trying to capture the ever elusive “more.”  Abundance flows when we understand that wealth is not expressed solely by having or getting “more” but begins to manifest the moment we realize, know, and accept that there is enough.

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