Lack is an Illusion

Your ever present LIGHTHOUSE in assistance of guiding you to the source of who you are. We’d like to welcome you to an on-line portal geared towards indirectly expressing pathways towards enlightenment. May you allow us to endeavor in the clearance of the often counterproductive clutter within your subconscious terrain and extricating inherently innate wisdom.

We have studied and become experts on the lives and works of those who illustrate an understanding that far transcends our physical capabilities in order to reshape our experience into one that expands the God-particle within each of us.

Through the use of  universal laws, we will guide you to awaken the limitless nature that you are; one that facilitates ease and wealth across all spectrums of your life.

You are an extension of God (Source) and with that comes “Abundance As A Birthright“. All that is required is a slight shift in perspective to attain peace of mind (one of the crown jewels of our experience), and create the life you desire.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey –
…your awakened path awaits.