Be the master of your own consciousness

Self-Realization May 13, 2016 No Comments

Escaping reality is what tortures us. It denies the truth of what we are feeling.

No matter what we have done, when we face the truth, we face ourselves and that is what we want to heal.

The mind escapes reality. It hides from reality in the imagination and avoids a confrontation with the truth.

When we escape from what we feel, we also escape from the truth and this hides the reality of what we have experienced from ourselves. It is this reality that can awaken us to the truth of existence and ourselves.

The horror of the truth carries our healing within the reality of what we experienced.

It is through denial that we escape our healing, stuff our feelings, and are tortured by the mind and imagination.

Our unconscious reminds us daily that we are avoiding the truth and reality of our experiences. We cannot live in the NOW, because we are lost in the illusion of some past experience of transgression.

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